Sara Jo Wolf is enjoying her life in the Silicon Valley perusing the deeper meaning of things while making her art. She recently graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Studio Art from Humboldt State University. She would love it if you were to contact her to talk about questions, comments or philosophy.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see using senses other than the five we are most familiar with. I believe everyone has the innate ability to slow down enough to recognize what invisible influences exist in our reality. My mission is to make the spiritual visible and provide insight into experiences we all are a part of but can not always give voice to.

My art is a strange subject to talk about because I want to photograph things that do not exist visually. What parts are important for someone who has never encountered my work? What are we looking for in life, what do we choose to see? I can see threads of glowing blue energy streaming across the room, washing over all surfaces. Beside me the deep light of a human roars with firelight. I am meditating, living a waking dream. I feel completely at peace and I laugh with hysterical joy. I never imagined that the effort of realizing this work outside of myself would reap such an abundance of joy.

This is my view of reality; the fire that burns from within each soul are unique colorful signatures that leave traces over everything they touch. Everywhere I am I notice the lanterns, how strangers glow, those with and without bodies. I dance with light and I know the patterns. I have lived them before. I just can’t help but want to know everything about the unknown. It is how I live and it is what saves me from the disparities of grief; a curiosity of life, a need to look closer. The search itself becomes rewarding beyond words.